A photo of DJ illest djing and playing drums to a crowd at wicker park fest
Virgil Abloh surrounded by high school students at the Nike lab on Chicago's Michigan Avenue.
Perry Dont'ae playing drums with his hair flying in the air
The hostess twinkies truck
The Nike Lab on Chicago's Michigan Avenue
Boi Jeanius, iLLEST, Selah Say, and Perry Dont'ae wearing illest merch
The hostess twinkies truck

what we do


Manimala is our family's name, and we're building and partnering with like-minded organizations that are leaving an impression on the world. Let’s strategize what your brand is and who you are. Branding is our secret sauce and what juices us to wake up every morning and work. You are worthy of claiming the space that you desire.

Talent Management

We speak fluently in the language of “artist,” so we fully understand the need for day-to-day talent management to actualize the growth needed to succeed in creative work. We love to work with ambitious creatives to understand your career vision and chart a path to actualizing these goals.

Social Media Management

It’s a requirement to have a digital presence in today’s world. We are experts in this domain; if you need help producing or strategizing your approach to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Tik Tok!

Website development

Your web presence is a massive part of your ideal clients finding you in the digital space. We can help you understand how businesses like yours leverage the web to help execute your brand vision and goals.

Creative Coaching & Mentorship

We’re examples of what’s possible when you pursue your creative passions and dreams. Our goal is to keep building our creative community, pour sweat into the ecosystem, guide folks based on our own experiences, and get the homies paid.

Experiential Events

Creating experiences is our bread and butter. If you want to reach your audience, bring them together to engage with your brand and make lasting brand memories, we’ve got the team, the vendors, and the creativity to see the vision.

Photo & Video Shoots

Creative directing, strategizing, and producing visuals that lead to impactful content to amplify your brand is the key to reaching your audience.

Who we are

Luke and Shereene Manimala have been creative collaborators from the jump.

From VHS music videos to Nike concerts and million-dollar apps, they’ve built an innovative ecosystem centered around getting the homies paid.

Luke’s focus is product and design. Shereene’s work centers around marketing and events.

We hope to collaborate with you and help make your vision a reality

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